Teeth Whitening

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This procedure is only carried out by a professionally qualified Therapist.  The whitening gel is applied then activated by a laser light from the Pearlys Teeth Whitening System. This enables the gel to swiftly penetrate the enamel. Each application consists of 20 minutes with a full treatment consisting of Two, 20 minute applications ,so it really is possible to achieve dramatic results of up to ten shades lighter in your lunch hour!

How does it work?

After an initial consultation with the professionally qualified Therapist, you can sit back and relax as your dreams of a whiter smile turn into reality!

The gel is carefully applied to your teeth and activated by the light from the Pearlys laser Teeth Whitening System. 

A treatment session takes approx 6o minutes and many people find the desired result after just one treatment session, which can last up to two years depending on individual lifestyles.


-  1 Treatment session (inc. 2 applications) - £125

-  Pearlys whitening toothpaste, whitening pens and powder now available -


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